As a Japanese - Indonesian joint venture world class producer of sorbitol and other polyols, Sorini Towa Berlian Corporindo consistently provides high quality products at competitive prices that contribute to peoples well being and growth for the company's stakeholders. We serve the Japanese market as a priority and plan to expand into worldwide markets. We maintain and develop only environmentally friendly technology and ensure safe continuous operation.

Core Values of Sorini Towa Berlian Corporindo

Environmentally Friendly Technology
We strive to reduce our environmental impact. One of STBC's main concerns is to utilize environmentally friendly technologies for the sake of preserving nature and our surroundings. 

Sustainable Partnerships
The growth and the success of STBC is based on a strong partnership amongst our stakeholders. We continually nurture sustainable partnerships amongst our stakeholders and explore mutually beneficial relationships within our ethical business communities. 

Totality in value creation through continuous improvement
In our lean and fast moving organization improvement on operational performance and value creation for stakeholders is our main focus. Enhancing technology is the key to the company's endeavours to fulfil our customers's needs. 

High Quality and Excellent Support
Producing consistently high quality products and implementing best practice in the provision of excellent support services in order to satisfy our customers's needs. 

Commitment and Integrity
Integrity, commitment to compliance, environmental responsibility, respect to society and tradition are STBC Corporate standards. We are committed in heart and mind to; "What we do, we do well".