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Frequently Asked

What is Sorbitol?

Sorbitol is a naturally occurring monosaccharide polyhydric alcohol which can be found in fruits and berries. Commercially, Sorbitol is produced by hydrogenating glucose under high pressure in the presence of a catalyst.

What are Sorbitol's characteristics and Sorbitol's applications in daily life?

Functional Properties on food processes :

  • excellent heat stability / non browning
  • cooling effect
  • less fermentation
  • humectancy / plasticizing effect
  • glossing properties
  • anti crystallizing properties
  • improvement of mouth feels

Characteristic :

  • non carcinogenicity / dentally safe
  • sugarless/sugarfree
  • reduced caloric value
  • safe for diabetics
  • stabilizing proteins
  • promoting absorption of calcium
  • stabilizing vitamin C solution

Due to these characteristics Sorbitol is used widely in foods, cosmetics, and by the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Are there any negative effects of consuming Sorbitol?

Excessive consumption may lead to a slight laxative effect. If symptoms occur then consumption should cease and the symptoms will disappear.

What dosages of sorbitol can be safely consumed?

Individual dosage levels vary from person to person and depend on body weight, speed of consumption and individual sensitivity.

Typically a daily dose of less than 20g in adults will not cause any discomfort.

How much calories energy contained per gram of sorbitol ?

Sorbitol contains 2.6 kilo calories per gram in comparison to 4 kilo calories per gram of sugar (sucrose).

However, please check local regulations.

How sweet is Sorbitol in comparison to Sugar?

Sorbitol in crystalline form is 60-70% the sweetness of sugar (sucrose).

How should Sorbitol be stored?

Sorbitol in powder form should be stored in its original packaging in dry conditions ideally in a temperature range between 50-100 degrees Fahrenheit (10-38 degrees Celsius). These conditions will keep the Sorbitol powder in a free flowing condition. However, over time, Sorbitol powder will have a tendency to form lumps which if formed should be broken up before use.

Liquid Sorbitol should be stored in an environment where the temperature is above approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). Below this temperature Sorbitol liquid may begin to slowly crystallize. Sorbitol liquid can be stored in its original packaging or in stainless steel, fiberglass or epoxy lined tanks.

What is the main raw material of STBC's sorbitol ?

Cassava starch (Manihot utilisima) is the main raw material of our Sorbitol.

How long is the expiry date of STBC's Sorbitol Powder?

Generally our product will expire for 2-3 years.

We suggest a best before date for our product of 3 years from date of manufacture. Our stability studies show the product typically remains within specification for at least three years.

Is STBC's Sorbitol free from Allergens and is it non GMO ?

Our product is made of Cassava (Tapioca), it is our main raw material, thus we can guarantee to our customers that our product is free from allergen causing compounds as well as being non GMO.

Does STBC's Sorbitol have Halal and Kosher certificates?

Yes, our Sorbitol has valid Halal and Kosher certificates.

Which pharmacopeial standards does STBC's Sorbitol conform to?

Our product complies with numerous pharmacopeial standards including FCC, BP, USP, EP, KSFA, DAB, JSFA and JP.

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