Corporate Social Responsibility
The Company is committed to give not only the best to our shareholders, also but to ensure the provision of benefits to its employees and communities, as well as to actively participate in protecting the environment through its community development programs.

The social and community development initiative has been carrying out under the scheme of building human capital that concentrating on education, strengthening economic value, protecting the environment, solidarity and humanity.

Based on material issues derived from stakeholders interests and concerns, we have developed our CSR program which for the last 5 years we have been concentrating in women empowerment through an on-going program of Batik course and fashion design which targets our neighbouring society and families of our employees at plant site. The impact is broad and the improvement of income of family in our society is evidenced.

We recognize the importance of education in developing human capital. We provide opportunities for non-formal education for children of our employees. The company consistently participates and contributes to various social activities, especially those related to environment and religious observance such as:

Continuing reforestation with 5,000 productive trees planting at hill side of Mount Arjuna as the second stage. The total trees have been planted are 10,000 of total target of 20,000 trees.

Course of handicraft from batik for women living our neighboring society with target to improve their skills and income.

Sewing courses for female workers with a target to provide skills for retirement preparation

Provide access to clean water for villager our neighboring society

Facilitate fish farming for the village youth community with target they are capable of entrepreneurship

Conducting the competition of Koran reading for children of our employees.

STBC Ramadhan Charity in the form of providing break fasting meal and gift packages on Eid al-Fitr

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